Transportation / Bus Ridership

The LHUSD #1 Transportation Department is looking forward to transporting your child this coming school year.

In order to accomplish our goals we need to work together by following the rules and procedures attached to this letter.

If you should have any questions concerning these rules, please contact the Transportation Office at 928-505-6960.

Our Responsibility

We have the responsibility to transport your child in a safe manner to and from school. We take this responsibility seriously.

We are not responsible to take your child to a different bus stop other than the one assigned to the student. Due to the number of students transported, sharing a ride with a friend is not permitted.

Register your Child

Registering your child for school transportation is your first step in reserving a seat on the school bus for your child.

This needs to be done EVERY NEW SCHOOL YEAR.

If you move or your student is off the bus for more than five (5) days you will need to re-register.

At the Bus Stop

All students should be at the bus stop no earlier than fifteen (15) minutes before the bus arrives at the bus stop.

There are times the bus may be ten (10) minutes early or ten (10) minutes late. Be patient.

If your child misses the bus, it will be your responsibility to transport your child to school.

Bus Safety Rules

All students receiving school bus transportation are required to follow all the rules of the Arizona School Board, LHUSD #1 Governing Board, all of Arizona State Laws and regulations adopted by the State.

Failure to follow any of these rules/laws will result in specific penalties, including removal of the student’s bus privileges on a temporary or permanent basis.


We will not tolerate any student attempting to disrupt the safe operation of any school bus.


Review the school bus Code of Student Conduct and Penalties with your student.

Please stress the need for your child to follow the rules, display courtesy, and respect for the driver and other students at all times.

This will allow the bus driver to focus their full attention on driving safely.

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